My Favorite Summer-Ready Sandals

So many of you LOVED these “Wausau” sandals from Kork-Ease when I last posted about them, so I wanted to share one more look with you that’s more summer-ready since it’s just around the corner! I’m always on the hunt for the perfect pair every summer, and these are definitely “the ones”!

Here are a few tips for summer shoe shopping…

  1. Make sure you are choosing shoes that are high quality! You want to be sure that your feet aren’t uncomfortable. If that’s the case, they’ll end up sitting in your closet all summer! That’s why I’m such a huge Kork-Ease fan (as you already know). Their shoes are high quality and insanely comfortable. I can wear each of my different pairs all day long with zero issues, and I know their shoes will last me years!
  2. Choose neutral colors. If you’re looking for a good summer staple that you can wear time and time again with different outfits, choosing a neutral color is your best bet when it comes to summer sandals! They’re timeless, and again, you’ll have your shoes for years to come.
  3. Summer is all about having fun and wearing different styles! I love the clog look of the “Wausau” sandals from Kork-ease, the criss cross design at the front, and the brass studs on the side to add a little something!

Whether you’re heading to brunch, a barbecue with friends and family, or throwing on cute jeans and a T for the day, this pair of  sandals from Kork-Ease are the perfect match for so many occasions this summer!


xo, Linds