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My Favorite White Paint Colors 2019

Finding the best white paint color for your space can cost a lot of time and money if you don’t know where to begin! So, I wanted to write up a little post about the best white paint colors that I love. Maybe it’s from people following along when we did our house renovation, or maybe it’s because we’ve moved a million times and I’m always painting/sharing new rooms. I’m not sure what the reason is, but I get asked about the best white paint colors so often! It’s about time a post was written. The image above is from our bathroom in the Catskills (upstate New York), and the paint color used was Sherwin Williams “Alabaster”.

The Best White Paint Colors

There are so many white paint options, and depending on the light in the room, one paint color might look better than another. My favorite white paint colors for where we are right now, and what we used in our house upstate are:

  • Benjamin Moore “Simply White”: a true white. Not too cold, not too warm. Neutral tone.
  • Sherwin Williams “Alabaster”: more warm than Simply White, but not yellow or cream. Just a touch more cozy.

A few other white paint colors that are extremely popular that you can sample and try are:

  • Benjamin Moore “Decorator’s White”
  • Benjamin Moore “White Dove”
  • Benjamin Moore “Chantilly Lace”
  • Benjamin Moore “Swiss Coffee”
  • Sherwin Williams “Shoji White”
  • Sherwin Willians “Door White”
  • Farrow & Ball “Wevet”
  • Farrow & Ball “Wimborne White”

To get an idea of the paint colors before getting samples, I like to type in the color on Pinterest or Google and most of the time, a lot of different rooms will show up that have used that color so you can get an idea.

The most important factor is seeing what works best in your home! Everyone’s natural light is different, along with flooring, furniture, whether the room gets any natural light at all, and what your preference is regarding warm tones, neutral tones, or cool tones! Some people want a bit of warmth, where others just want a crisp white.

I recommend using paintable clear film, like these ones sold at Home Depot, where you pain the clear film and put it on your wall, then check the color all throughout the day when there’s different light in the room, from sunrise to sunset. Once you’ve decided, you can easily peel the clear film off and get painting! You can see more of our house in the Catskills in this post here!

xo, linds