My Favorite Essential Oils Diffuser Brand

Lindsay Marcella essential oils

It’s no secret that I use essential oils every single day in our home, and I get asked so often where our essential oil diffuser is from, so I wanted to share my favorite essential oil diffuser brand along with 5 ways I use essential oils every day!

When I first started using essential oils years ago, it was really difficult to find beautiful diffusers that went with my simple, light decor. Thankfully, we have plenty of options to choose from these days and my absolute favorite brand to buy essential oil diffusers from is Vitruvi. They’re the only company I’ve ever bought my diffusers from, even from the very beginning. They have such beautiful designs and colors to choose from that everyone can find what they’re looking for in their range of options. The one that most recently made it’s way into our home (I was wanting a diffuser to leave in the living room, and one for our bedroom) was this White Stone one from Vitruvi. It is so beautiful, and acts as a piece of decor along with everything else in the room. Something important I wanted to point out about the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser is that it’s ultrasonic which means it runs on vibrations, not heat, and in turn keeps your essential oils in their full integrity. The inner plastic reservoir is also made from a high quality, BPA-free plastic. I love that they considered all of these aspects in their product!

Lindsay Marcella essential oils

Along with carrying the most beautiful diffusers, Vitruvi also carries their own line of essential oils that come as singles or blends. They’re essential oils are 100% pure and created to help you customize your beauty, body and home rituals. Making sure that the oils I’m using and diffusing have the highest quality ingredients is the most important thing to me since I use them daily in my skincare and smell them all day long as they diffuse throughout the house. The oils from Vitruvi have absolutely no fillers, diluting oils, synthetic fragrances, or unnatural components of any kind. I’ve been using Ylang Ylang and Bergamot as my perfume this week, and love knowing that what I’m putting on my skin is safe and absolutely toxin-free.

Lindsay Marcella essential oils

Lindsay Marcella essential oils

5 Way I Use Essential Oils Every Day

  1. This might not be every single day (although it feels like this sometimes!) but while doing my laundry, I love to place Lavendar or Ylang Ylang in with the clothes in the dryer so they come out smelling SO fresh! This way I make sure our clothes smell amazing while also removing the toxic chemicals that come with regular dryer sheets. Being that our clothes are on our bodies all day long, there’s no room for toxic chemicals in our laundry products.
  2. My favorite way to wind down at night is to put either lavender, bergamot or cedarwood essential oils in our Vitruvi stone diffuser in our bedroom. It instantly calms me as they flow throughout the room. I sip on my warm golden milk drink, read a book for 30 minutes, and drift into the most peaceful sleep. I love going to sleep early and always look forward to this time to wind down with oils.
  3. I make my own perfume blends! There are so many beautiful essential oils to choose from to create your own, and making sure no toxic chemicals are being sprayed right into the glands on my neck is so important!
  4. When I’m not using our stone diffuser in our bedroom at night, I move it into my office to diffuse oils throughout the day where I’m working! The “Boost” essential oil blend from Vitruvi is the perfect mid afternoon pick-me-up!
  5. Last but certainly not least, I love using essential oils in my baths! It’s one of my absolute favorite ways to relax!

If you’re interested in learning more about Vitruvi’s products, you can click here, and if you’re new to using essential oils, I’d love to help answer any questions you might have. If you found that this post was helpful, feel free to pass it along to anyone else you think it might serve or help!

Lindsay Marcella essential oils

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