Beauty Q&A of All My Current Favorites

 Beauty Q&A: Part 1

  • How do you manage your natural hair? My curls are like yours and it’s impossible to tame! Taming my natural hair has been a mission! I feel like I finally found what works best for me though. In the shower, after shampooing & conditioning my hair, I use this texture cream. I apply this from roots to end all throughout my hair, lightly rinse, then wrap my hair in the Aquis Hair Turban. It adds texture to my hair, kind of like when you get out of the ocean and your hair dries with the perfect amount of sea salt to bring out those beautiful natural waves or curls. It isn’t mousse, so it doesn’t leave my hair “crunchy”, but soft and with more defined curls. The reason I use the Aquis Hair Turban is for a few reasons. Sharing their description will do it better justice than me trying to put it into my own words, so here’s what they have to say: “This hair tool won’t grab hair cuticles like a regular bath towel. The patented design wraps securely on your hair, while the specially engineered, lightweight and smooth texture is ideal for thinning, delicate and curly hair types. It works to quickly wick water away from the keratin inside your hair, bringing it from damage-prone and swollen (when it’s wet out of the shower) to an evenly damp state—ideal for styling and use of heat—without friction. It’s the ultimate primer for smooth and frizz-free hair, naturally defined curls or soft, beachy waves.” It’s truly such an amazing product. I definitely won’t ever go back to using a regular towel! After I’ve used the texture cream and hair turban, I part my hair down the middle and let it air dry. Once it’s dry, I use the T3 Curling Wand with the 1” size to and just curl a few pieces of hair at the top of my head that might be a bit frizzy from sleeping on it.
  • What is your favorite mascara? I love RMS mascara! Clean ingredients are always good.
  • How do you keep your skin oil-free throughout the day? My skin isn’t super oily naturally, but back in the day when it was more oily, I used to use oil blotting paper throughout the day (try these charcoal blotting pads!) And leave them in my purse. I’ve also tried blotting powder in the past that I’d leave in my purse as well (try this one!). Both worked great for me, but I haven’t used anything in a long time since my skin isn’t as oily!
  • What is your favorite eye shadow palette? I don’t have a specific eyeshadow palette that I use, but I love this RMS eyeshadow!
  • How to keep eyebrows tame? I love this brow gel to keep them in place!
  • Have you ever had botox or fillers? I haven’t had any botox, fillers or any kind of plastic surgery.
  • What is your Beauty pampering routine? I love getting getting a facial/massage!


xo, Linds